Now that we have debunked the 3 main reasons why people don't begin a meditation regimen, let's delve into how to actually meditate. 

When you're a beginner, it's a good idea to find a quiet place to meditate the first few times.  When you aren't around too many distractions, like the television, music or other people talking, it's easier to quiet your mind and focus on your breathing.  I like to light some sage or palo santo when I first get into the room in which I'll meditate so that the flow of positive energy can begin as soon as I'm ready to connect with my oneness.

After you're settled in your peaceful spot, I like to use my bedroom with the door closed or the living room if no one is home, it's time to listen to your body and decide on a meditation theme.  Are you stressed? Out of alignment with your Highest Self or the Source? Will you be going to sleep right after meditating, so you'd like something relaxing? Tune in to your body and listen to what it needs to heal during your meditation session.  

You can use a website, such as YouTube or an app, like Insight Timer, to search for a meditation that matches your needs. Those resources offer thousands of themes for meditation, such as opening each chakra, balancing the chakras, shadow work and energy. In the search bar, just type in something like, 'guided for abundance' and the results will produce all sorts of different choices, ranging from length to the inclusion of music.

Once you've found a meditation you'd like to try, in the beginning, I recommend the shorter meditations of up to 5 minutes, turn it on and get started.  This is where I think that the guided meditations are a better choice because the guide will tell you where to sit and what to do.

For most meditations, I prefer to sit on the floor with my back against a wall, or on the couch with my back anchored by the back of the seat, but you can also sit in a chair with your bare feet planted on the floor. In fact, rooting both of your feet on the floor is the best way to do grounding meditations because your feet connect you to Mother Earth; but, some meditations, such as body scans or sleep meditations, you can perform while in the lying position.

You will also be guided to close your eyes and relax your body, focusing your mind on breathing in and out. Some meditations will ask you to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. I choose to breathe in AND out through my nose just because I think it's easier and that's the way that I can truly relax. I think that's the beauty of meditation, it can be customized to your specific wants and there really is no right or wrong way to do it. 

It is completely normal for your mind to wander from thought to thought, from the past to the future. The point of meditation is to train your mind to concentrate; and, in time, it will do just that without you having to lovingly lead it back to the present moment. Even if you have a hard time keeping your thoughts at bay, rest assured that your body is still getting the benefits meditation provides.   Continue to listen to your breath as it comes in and out of your body and even imagine that you're breathing in golden light and breathing out dark light.  

Your body should feel light and at peace and your breathing should be a bit slower than it is while you're performing daily tasks.  You may also see different colors while you meditate. Each color you see has a meaning, so be sure to research what your particular colors mean. There are times when I am so relaxed that I can feel my eye begin to itch, but my arms are so light that I can't lift them to scratch my eye.  After a few moments, I find that the itch goes away on its own while I'm in a deep trance.

At the end of your meditation, you will be directed to bring your attention back to the room and to your limbs. At this time, you will be able to wiggle your fingers and toes and gently open your eyes.  Depending on the meditation you chose, you will feel ready to go to sleep and rest your body for the night or you'll be ready to face your day with an energized and motivated outlook.