Since becoming certified in Natural Holistic Remedy, I have been immensly enjoying growing my own herbs and then infusing those herbs in oils to be used in all purpose, healing salves.  Making your own herb-infused oils is a simple process: all you have to do is decide which herbs and which oils you would like to use for your particular purpose.

I hate to see any of my crops or herbs ever go to waste, so I try to come up with all sorts of ways to use everything that my family and I grow. Holy Basil and Peppermint are yearly staples in my healing garden because during the growing season, I use the herbs in cooking applications, such as pestos, pastas and drinks. As the harvest dwindles down, I prune my plants to the ground and dry the herbs to infuse in oil and use in salves. 

A powerhouse Holy Basil and Peppermint Salve is always on hand at my home because of the numerous healing benefits it provides.  Holy Basil is an anti-bacterial, which makes it super beneficial for cuts and scrapes. It has also been known to relieve and reduce fevers, which is a great boon to me, as I have a 5th grade child who comes home from school with many bacteria and viruses throughout the year.  Peppermint is an anti-allergenic and a muscle pain reducer, so I choose to use it in my salves, as well. 

The first thing to do when preparing to make an herbal oil is to pick the herbs and lay them out to dry for a few days.  You want to be sure the herbs are pretty thoroughly dry before you put them in oil, so no mold is produced in the infusion process.

When the herbs are dry, they are ready to be put in a jar with oil.

The oil I chose to use in my infusion is Rice Bran because of its moisturizing and skin healing benefits to the skin.

I snipped off some of the long stems from my Peppermint and put both herbs in a wide-mouthed jar and covered them with the oil.

Then, I covered the jar with the lid and placed in a cool, dry place to infuse for up to 4 weeks.  I will shake the infusion daily to ensure all the herbs are covered.  At the end of the infusion cycle, you can go for as little as 5 days to as much as 4 weeks, I will strain the oil and place it in a clean jar to use in my salves.