Full Moon Ritual Bath Gift Set ~ Aura Cleansing ~ Spa Gift Set


Cleanse away that which no longer serves you with the help of our Full Moon Ritual Bath Gift Box

The wooden reusable box is handmade and hand painted in a witchy moon motif and features the following items:

Herbal Aura Cleansing Bar: made under the Full Moon, this bar features homegrown, cleansing herbs of basil, lemon verbena and spearmint.

Aura Cleansing Bath Salts: 8oz jar of Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Black Salt, homegrown cleansing herbs of chamomile, Holy Basil, Lemon Verbena and Sage, and Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Rosemary essential oils.

Hand crocheted wash towel.

Everything you or a loved one needs to transform even the tiniest bathroom into a relaxing, intentional sanctuary.

Make perfect gifts!

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