Natural Bath Salts ~ Muscle and Skin Repairing ~ Grounding Salts ~ Dead Sea Salt ~ Black Sea Salt ~ Epsom Salt ~ Herbals ~ Essential Oils


Handcrafted bath salts with Dead Sea Salt, Black Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, botanicals such as cornflower and calendula, and a grounding blend of essential oils.

Dead Sea Salts purify pores, reduce cellulite and wrinkles, and calm itchy skin, while the Black Sea Salts provide eczema relief, and reduce swelling in feet, the appearance of body acne and help heal cracked feet. Black Sea Salt also contain detoxing minerals that help the body maintain good function; plus, they’re known to be mood lifting and for their abilities to create positive energy.

Epsom Salts are magnesium rich and help relieve sore muscles.

This blend also contains Cedarwood, Angelica, Ylang Ylang, Pine, White Fir, Black Spruce and Patchouli essentials oils for a calming bath experience.


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